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The main intent of this web site is to provide information to family members and friends about my latest activities. A sub-intent is to provide information about RVing including campgrounds, in some detail, to the general public. You can find campground maps, reviews and pictures in the Photo Trip Gallery link on the right..  In addition, you can find helpful RVing and camping related links on the top-right tool bar..

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My kind of camping..

Click on the picture, above, to see an informative and interesting two week chronicle through BC and Alberta Canada.


Meet Bonnie, my loyal dog!

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Visit Bonnie's web page here.




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Planned upcoming trips:

Teanaway River, weekend of September 30th 2011



First 2010 trip to Deception Pass State Park.


We went to Yellowstone NP last month. We left home on August 24th and returned September 6th. This was an awesome time with great friends. To see the full story, click here.



In loving memory of Kyia

9-20-1993 to 1-7-2009

Kyia will be forever missed but forever remembered.

Please visit his web page here. .



GPS software:

If you use mapping software, you might be interested in this. Cool RV Toyz claims to have the most complete POI files regarding camping/RVing and can be loaded onto most GPS units. It can also be used with most mapping software. It also includes info on RV related locations such as propane refill and Wal-Mart locations. I will provide a detailed review after I have used it for  a few months.


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