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I lost Kyia on January 7th 2009. He was most definitely the apple of my eye. He was 15 years old, born in September of 1993. Except for the first 6 months, I had Kyia all of his life.

In the last year Kyia did not have a lot of energy. By July 2008, he couldn't walk more than a block without falling down so I limited the amount of our walks to a half block a day or less. The vet said it was his arthritis and prescribed some pain meds which did help some.

We went to Grayland the last week of 2008 with some friends. Kyia had his last walk on that pacific ocean beach (which was one of his favorite places to be). He wasn't well during that trip, all of us could tell.

Kyia fell down-hill quickly after the Grayland trip. I took him to the vet several times the first week of the year. First a blood test then an x-ray on the first day. He was anemic but the reason for his anemia was still unknown. So they did an ultra sound on the second day and found large tumors in his liver and spleen which the doctor said were bleeding internally. She said that she could do nothing for him and said he had a week or two to live and he was in pain.

I had to hold him up with a towel wrapped around his belly to help him walk on the last day. Even though he could not walk without falling, he stood in the front yard on his own. He looked around standing in place taking in the scenery slowly and deliberately. I carried him to the truck for his final ride to the vet.

After the first injection to take away his pain, he licked my hand several times and then fell asleep. Minutes later after the second, final, injection, eyes closed and content, he took his last breath. Even though he died peacefully, it was the hardest thing I've ever witnessed in my life. To see him go to sleep knowing he will never wake was incredibly hard for me. I so wanted him to die in his own time, on his own terms, and without any intervention but I could not have him suffer the last weeks of his life. He was released from his pain but there is that "what if" factor that strangles and haunts me and likely will for a long while.

It's impossible for me to describe how emotionally difficult this is and has been for me. He was my child and my best buddy. He was truly an amazing dog. He could read my mind and emotions. Kyia will be missed forever by me and his many friends.

May he rest forever without pain. May he rest forever in peace. I hope and pray I can reunite with him when fate takes me to the other side.

I've made a picture Windows Media File memorial for Kyia and it can be downloaded here.

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Kyia liked those big rocks






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Maggie and Kyia.







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