Yellowstone National Park 2009

August/Sept 2009


Bonnie at Old Faithful (above)

We had an awesome trip. We had good weather except for 2 days out of the 2 week trip. We drove almost every day. In the two week period, we decided to take two days off to do nothing but hang out at the campsite we were in at the time. Those days off were almost necessary and helped make it a more relaxing pace.

I had some issues on the way. The exhaust resonator fell off my RV. This was a surprise as I just had the rig inspected before the trip including the muffler system. Wasn't too bad of a delay as we found a welding shop in the little town 20 miles later. The shop replaced it with all new piping for less than a 100 bucks and in less than a few hours. It seemed to be a very good deal.

Later, the battery went dead in my tow car. This due to the fact I had to leave the key in the ignition clicked one up to release the steering wheel for towing 4 wheels down. The battery going dead would not have been a problem if I had remembered to bring my extra key but since I was relying on my remote to unlock the door of the car, it turned out to be a serious problem. I could not open the locked vehicle after the battery went dead. A local county sheriff managed to get the door unlocked for me, thankfully. I later bought a battery disconnect switch and kept the doors unlocked when towing. Next time I'll try to remember the extra key. :-)

I had a few other minor issues too but not bad. The new tires on the rig I had gotten just a week before the trip worked great. I had been worried about not having a secondary braking system for the tow car but that turned out to be a non-issue as I used the gears of the transmission to slow while going down mountain passes. I was happy that the RV ran so great. It had plenty of power the entire trip. It burned about a half quart of oil in 1900 miles. I don't think the oil consumption was bad considering I was towing the car. The RV got about 8 MPG overall. That is about what I expected towing the car (I normally get over 9 without towing).

I was concerned how Bonnie might take to long driving days and the time away from home. She had never been on a long trip before (since I've owned her) so I wasn't sure how she would react. I was relieved to see that she was relaxed and appeared to be enjoying everything throughout the trip. However, I noticed that she ate less than a normal amount of food. This wasn't really a surprise to me as Kyia (my previous dog) would eat less on trips that lasted more than a few days too. Bonnie's appetite/ food intake went back to normal when we returned home just as Kyia's had on past trips.

It was a lot of fun to go with friends on this trip. Initially I thought we were just going to meet up at the planned campgrounds but it turned out that we all convoyed the entire trip. We stuck together on the road like glue. Total of 3 motor homes and we kept in contact via FRS radios while traveling. It was a lot of fun bantering back and forth on the radios. When one had to stop, we all did. When my muffler fell off, they all waited for me to get it repaired. I can't think of better people to be with and I feel fortunate to have had these friends along on this trip. I think traveling in this manner with friends made it more comfortable and more enjoyable for all of us.

You can see the MS Streets & Trips map of the route that we took here. At the top of this map page, there is a link to the original Streets & Trips file that we used. You can download this file and use it as a template with your Streets & Trips program.

If you are planning a trip to Yellowstone and have questions regarding route or camping, feel free to email me. I'd be happy to help you.

See the video I took of the Yellowstone "Paint Pots" and other photographs below:

Click on the images, below, to view an enlarged picture.

Dean's Pictures below:

Silverwood theme park, Idaho, was our first stop.

That's the bar. Bring your ID

Columbian ground squirrel jumped in the picture.  <wink-wink>

Mammoth Springs, Yellowstone entry via Gardiner.

Bonnie and me at Old Faithful

Dean took this shot of me (Silver car) in Mammoth springs. I was making a mad dash to the restroom.

Within Yellowstone NP

Later in the trip. Grand Tetons.

See a slide show of all Dean's Yellowstone pictures here.

You won't be disappointed!

  Cindy's Pictures below:  

Gardiner entry into Yellowstone.

The sign looked freshly painted!

All of our rigs as we arrived at Grant campground



Bison blocking the road.

Dinner in West Yellowstone at the 3 Bears restaurant.

Arriving at Snake River park & campground.

Sheriff trying to unlock my door on my tow car at Craters of the Moon. The battery went dead and the remote would not open the doors. He got it opened but not before scratching my door. I appreciated his help none-the-less.

My Pictures below:

A view along the way in Yellowstone.


Montana, I-90, on our way to Yellowstone. Note the speed limit.

Yeah, my muffler fell off. Marylyn took this as I was walking back to throw it in Dean's truck. Got it replaced 20 miles up the road at a welding/muffler shop in a small rural town.

Silver Dollar in Montana.


Beavertail State park, Montana, next 5 shots -->

Fishing rules at Beavertail;

Yellowstone river upper falls


Dean, Marylin and Roger

Scenery along the way

At the Yellowstone river lower falls.

Bonnie looking for wild life on the drive.

A stop along the road in Yellowstone.


We drove back to Mammoth Springs in the tow cars on the second day after setting up at Canyon Campground.

A walk at Mammoth Springs next 9 shots-->


Elk on one of the long drives within Yellowstone.

Yellowstone Lake

Bonnie sees something up the road.

Old Faithful.

Down the road. Looks hot!

Boiling pool in Yellowstone.

Another Geyser



Jackson Hole next 3 shots..


Want a stage coach ride?

Jackson hole park

Oh yeah, this was cool.

Yellowstone on our way out of the park to West Yellowstone.


Almost to Madison Yellowstone on our way to West Yellowstone..

Bonnie having some fun in the grass at the Snake river RV park in Idaho Falls.

Craters of the Moon National Park in Idaho.


Yep, ditto.

More Craters of the moon, next 5 shots -->

Farewell Bend State Park, Oregon, next 5 shots. -->


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