Glacier National Park

My campsite which definitely was not the best but I only stayed one night. There are many campsites right on the river front here. You just have to be here early to get a river front site. Unfortunately, I missed a very good campsite that was open when I arrived. I thought I checked it out pretty thoroughly but was kind of mad at myself a few hours later when I saw that I had missed that secluded campsite just two up from where I was had it's own private creek running the side of the campsite. O'well, I won't miss this site next time. I'm definitely a stickler as far as my camping. Always looking for the the best campsite to suite my liking. Most of the fun is the scenery and the ambiance, don't you think?


Visitors center. Just up from the campground. I tried to get the a picture with the flags blowing in the wind but the wind just wasn't blowing.


A view of the Bear proof lockers. This was for tent campers who did not have a place to keep there food. This type of container was available throughout the parks. These are like lockers you remember from school except thicker steel. You can even put your own paddle lock on the locker. Use of these food lockers was free to people camping in the camp ground. 


Covered firewood pile which is unusual at most Provincial and National Parks in Canada. Most don't have covered firewood piles. This was the first covered wood pile that I saw on this trip.


Right down from my campsite.


Mountain view from my campsite.

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