Manning Provincial Park

Beautiful River front camp site. The weather wasn't the best, as a matter of fact, it rained all night started at 4PM and didn't stop until the next day. Firewood was free though, I just needed to split it. 

$13 per night was the cost (9 dollars US) to camp. They collected in person. No pay box.. No flush toilets but they do have pressurized well water facets and, like I said, all the free firewood you can burn. Just don't try and take any firewood out of any of the parks as it is not legal to do so. Never-the-less, these Canadian Provincial parks are beautiful and conducive to RV camping as you don't need to worry about hauling along firewood with you. 

Side note:

Always take a mull with you while camping Canada as most of the free wood is tough to split. More then once, a fellow camper asked to borrow my mull to split her/his firewood. I was only too happy to oblige. BTW, the difference between a mull and an axe is the weight and the curve of the head. A mull is intended only for splitting while an axe is intended mainly for cutting into a tree. A mull has greater weight and a larger curve to the blade. A dull mull works better for splitting wood then a sharp mull and works MUCH better then an axe for this use.  However, this firewood was tough to split anyway you look at it. I'm always amazed that most people don't know the difference between a mull and an axe. I don't even take an axe with me on any trips but I do take a chainsaw while camping in the states. No need for an axe these days really. All you need is a hatchet, a mull and maybe a small 14" chainsaw to be self sufficient. So many people either bring an axe or a hatchet thinking this is all they need when they go camping. If you can only bring one camping tool with you, JUST bring a mull. It will double as a shovel to loosen ground too. Face facts, most campsites these days sell firewood however it is too large to burn without splitting. Or in National Forests in the States you are allowed to gather downed wood but are you really going to use that axe to chop through it to make firewood sized pieces? I'd sooner gather smaller pieces if I didn't have a chain saw. OK, Sorry for rambling, now on with the trip.. :-)


Kyia is checking for Squirrels or other varmint. He found some but was happy to just look. Kept his attention and occupied most of his time. In his adult age (6 years old), he has become manageable when there are varmints around.. He will still attack when a critter approaches him, but not much chance of that.  He mostly keeps himself occupied just looking these days. He really is a great companion as it's almost as if he is admiring the outdoors just like me and not bothering the natural environment either.. Go figure...

If you look closely here, you'll notice remnants of an old bridge. There is rock and cement sections on both sides of the river. Looks like there was an old one-lane stone and cement bridge almost vertical from this picture which went across the river. I've found no info regarding this fact however, there is no question that there is a man made stone and cement artifact here.

Yep, I'm in the middle of the river...  On a rock that I managed to climb onto without getting wet.

Campsite 8. Remember that as it seems to be a prime site.

Nice fire going...Sun peaking out on the second day... Still a little chill in the air though.

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