Norway Hill Park Weather Station

About us.

Norway Hill Park weather station was put online on January 26th, 2007. The weather station consist of an Oregon Scientific WMR-968 wireless weather station. The weather station is battery powered and has solar panels to help provide power during daylight hours. The solar panels also charge battery cells when there is adequate sunlight. The system is roof mounted atop a townhouse in unincorporated King country across the street from Norway Hill Park thus the station was named after the park.. The station was started as a hobby but ads are placed on the main weather station web page to help support the station maintenance and web hosting costs. This project is not-for-profit in any way. Monies made from the ads go directly into the costs of maintaining or adding to the station. Many more additions to the station are possible. High on the list are an aspirated radiation shield to gain a higher level of accuracy during the summer months and a UV meter.  If you find that this station is helpful and would like to make a donation to help with maintenance or additions to the station, you can do so via Paypal by clicking on the "Donate" button listed below. Your donations are appreciated and you will be added to this web site as a key sponsor along with what your donation was used for.. Even the very smallest of donations are appreciated and will be listed here. You also can contribute in a secondary way when you visit our sponsor's ads listed on the main weather page if they are of interest to you.

Owner/operator: Tom Tessier

Co-Operator (when Tom is away): Roger Martin  (

Special thanks to the first key Sponsor!

Frank Makin was kind enough to donate the computer system which allows this station to be on the internet 24/7. Thanks Frank!