Teanaway campground

Spring-Fling. Week of April 10th 2004


I had the week of April 10th off from work and so did some friends so we decided to do some spring camping. Dean and Roger arrived Friday the 9th and I arrived Saturday the 10th at Teanaway campground. This campground is totally free. Fortunately there was a lot of free firewood to be had from some dead fallen trees as I didn't bring much with me..

The campground was mostly empty. Only about 5 sites occupied out of well over 40 until Sunday. By Sunday night, we were the only people there. All three rigs of ours occupied one campsite which was on the bank of the river. We parked around the campfire pit in a circle.  That's the nice thing about this campground, there really are no boundaries to the campsites and no limits on where to park. Even the roads are not well defined and one can get to the same place within the campground by more than several routes. There are fire pits and camp tables which are the only things that define a campsite and these are well spread out from one another. The fire pits are not just rock circles but dug in deep with large diameter metal pipe to prevent any fire spread. The out-houses are very well maintained and clean! Considering this campground is completely free, I was impressed by how well maintained it was..  The picture, above, is one campsite. The campground is relatively open to the sky so makes it good for viewing the stars at night as we did with telescopes. Even though the campground is open, the sites are very well spaced to give a secluded feel. As you can see from the pictures, even the largest of RVs would fit. The roads up to it are easily drivable. Keep in mind that there are no utilities at all; no drinking water to be found other than the river so remember that bringing a full tank of fresh water is a necessity. Also, there is no garbage service here and you are required to pack it out or burn it. The stay limit is two weeks per the rules posted. This area is privately owned and maintained by Timberland, which is a logging company, but is open to anyone to camp.

The dog was off-leash the entire time unless out for walks away from the campsite and he loved it. Kyia is very manageable off-leash as long as there are no other dogs or people around. That is, he likes to go and friendlily greet other people and their dogs. He roamed a bit but stuck close to the campsite. Was nice after everyone in the campground was gone since then we could take long walks around the entire campground with no leash.. He loves it.

We drove up to Table Mountain on Sunday to check out future camping trips there. Unfortunately I forgot my camera. There are pictures below of that trip compliments of Roger and Dean.. The road up the mountain was OK for my toad but I have my doubts about taking my RV up without a spotter ahead on the road in radio contact considering the road is basically one lane with very few turn-outs. I certainty wouldn't go up there with my toad attached to the rear of the RV since backing up would be impossible in the case there was another big rig heading the opposite direction. We didn't go all the way to the top where the campground was; we made it about 5 miles up with another 7 miles to go before the roads were simply un-drivable due to snow.

Roger had only planned to stay until Sunday but he changed his mind and stayed an extra day. Dean's wife was there until Monday but she had to leave as she had to work the following day. Dean and I stayed until Wednesday and would have stayed longer if it were not for being short on propane.

This was a great time with good friends.


Click on the images, below, to view an enlarged picture.

My rig and toad.

Dean getting one of his telescopes ready for star gazing later in the evening.

Roger getting his scope ready.

A walk in the campground on Saturday.


Marilyn and Roger at the river.

Distance shot of our campsite.

Dean on Tuesday after it rained.

My rig.



Roger and his telescope.

The shoe tree at the campground. This tree was covered in shoes.. 

On Sunday we didn't quite make it to the top of Table Mountain due to snow on the roads.


Telescopes after dusk.

  Roger's Pics added 4-15-04  


Dean and Marilyn

Kyia wondering what Roger is doing.

Dean showing me his camera.


Somewhere up on Table Mountain.

Roger, Marilyn, and Me.

Looking down from Table Mountain.



Somewhere along the way up Table Mountain.


Looking down.

Dean's toad in front of us.


Took a little walk from the road up to Table Mountain.

The higher we climbed, the more snow.

I hate to be a ditto-head, but Ditto.


See more pictures of Teanaway from my trip in 2003.

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