Vacation 2000
My two weeks in Canada

On this trip I went to many different areas within British Columbia and some areas within Alberta Canada. I traveled almost everyday. 

I've divided the pictures into the Provincial Parks or National parks that I visited. This is not nearly representative of my entire trip but the pictures I enjoy the most. Click on the highlighted text below the pictures to find more pictures of that part of my trip.

Note: Due to the size of this page, it may take a while to load all the pictures (about 3 minutes using a 56K Modem). Be patient.


My Dog and I started at Deception Pass State park (near Oak Harbor in Washington State) on June 28th. Stayed the weekend and left the park July 3rd.


On Monday July 3rd I traveled up to Canada. and Manning Provincial Park was the first stop. Their Holiday was on the 1st.. No problem getting a campsite. This is Kyia checking for squirrels as soon as we arrived at Mule-Deer camp ground (within the Provincial Park BC). He found a few to keep him occupied; luckily, he never caught one.


Oh yeah, this is great.. Spahats Falls in the HUGE Provincial Park of Wells Grey. I'm a little too close to the edge of the cliff, don't you think?  Kyia, stay away from the edge!  hehehehe


Clearlake within Wells Grey Provincial Park. about 30 miles of paved road and another 15 miles of dirt road with large potholes to get here..  NICE! Cept the RV was stressed a little more then I wanted while traveling down that dirt road. 


Robson Provincial Park. Saw a couple Bear by this time. Nice Mountain, nice river, nice camp ground cept a little expensive at 17 bucks per night Canadian. They have free showers though.


Moose Lake in Jasper National Park. No camp site here.. Just along the road. Simply put, MAJESTIC.


Lake Louise in Banff National park...  This is Bow River. The camp site is actually along side of Bow River and not the lake. Saw a huge Elk here.. Click on the highlighted text to see.


Kicking Horse River at Chancellor Peak Camp ground in the Yoho National Park. Probably the most open camp site I stayed at during the entire trip. However, it was the most scenic as far as the close Mountains and it was a beautiful evening too. You'll be amazed how light it is in the late evening even at this point in the North.


Illecillewaet Camp Ground (yes, that IS spelled correctly) in Glacier National Park of Canada (not to be confused with Glacier Park in Montana USA). Don't feel bad, I can't pronounce the camp ground name either.


My final night which was at Emory Creek Provincial Park. Both of us look pretty ragged, don't we? Got home on July 15th 4PM with one day to spare.. Damn, I wish I would have gotten that last day in.. Then again, it was nice (and almost necessary) to have that one day to re-coop before heading back to work on Monday.

Overall, this was a superb trip. One of my best. Was under budget by more then 300 US dollars and had a complete feeling of satisfaction when the trip was done. It sure wasn't one of them vacations that you come back from wondering why you went. It was one of those vacations that you wonder why you didn't go sooner. This was one of my better planned vacations. I knew where I was going, I had what I needed, and had no lose ends at home.. It was definitely one of my best vacations ever! 

Special thanks to Roy G. who helped me plan my trip. He helped me understand what parks/campgrounds to visit and routes to take. Even though Roy and I have different tastes in camping, he helped me understand what I would like verses what he liked (if our likings clashed) by finding information on the internet and bringing me maps, pictures, and descriptions of the areas. One thing we both have in common, we do like the great outdoors; we just maybe have a different specific interest within it. At times I thought he was putting more thought into the planning then I was. He needs to get this way North again as he was obviously excited about this trip and he even contemplated going up with his family at several points of the planning. Roy, you need to do the same or similar trip again; plan the time to go next year! Thanks for your help planning mine! You were a huge help!

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